We now have reflective address signs!!

December 2015

Rudolph rode in Ladder 8 for the Pittsboro Christmas Parade!


  • We install Smoke Detectors
  • We install Child Safety Seats
  • We perform Fire Prevention Programs
  • We install reflective address signs!
  • We are here for you when you need us!

Please feel free to drop by and visit with us at Station 8.  We have staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve you.

We need you!  While we love new volunteer firefighters, we have lots of other ways you can help in your community.

Become a Friend!!

On May 7, 2016 - we celebrated our 50th Anniversary!

Chief Shi has established a few core priorities for the department;

(1) responding to emergencies as quickly as possible with well trained personnel and the best equipment possible, 

(2) renewing the focus on customer service and striving to bring the lower insurance costs that some enjoy to all residents within the fire district, and

(3) re-energizing and expanding the volunteer base and increasing the brotherhood among all career and volunteer members.

Moncure Fire responds to all types of emergency incidents in the Moncure Fire Protection District and our Mutual Aid Districts, Apex, North Chatham, Pittsboro, Deep River, Cape Fear and NW Harnett.


Serving Chatham County with Pride since 1966

Spring 2016

We will be testing hydrants to insure proper flow when they are needed.

We are always moving forward!

Come in!


October 2015

We had a great visit with the children at Moncure school.

We have been adding to our membership, updating our fleet and renovating our sub-station.

Recently, we have added 5 JR firefighters.  This is exciting as they will be the future!

We have replaced a 1990 and a 1998 truck with a new 2017 engine and tanker.  This was long over due!

We have also added living quarters onto Station 14 (in Corinth) and it is now manned each day from 7am-pm.