Serving Chatham County with Pride since 1966

Our Newest Apparatus

In mid-2013 we took delivery of 3 units: Brush 8 replaces 819, which was a 1986 model.  We have needed this vehicle for quite some time, as 819 was constantly breaking down.  We are so excited that we finally found the funds for this truck which will be used for wildland fires and medical calls. Utility 14 was made possible by a 75% subsidy provided by Chatham County (those funds were not part of the Moncure District Fire Tax).  This truck will provide medical services, primarily in Station 14's area. UTV 8 will assist in reaching and retrieving patients in remote areas.  We have already used it several times for this purpose.  It was also used to provide medical monitoring for the Moncure School 5K.

Join us!

Come on down & volunteer!


Being involved in the fire service is exciting, fulfilling and is a great way to give something back to your community.  You do not have to have previous emergency responder training or experience and all of the necessary training is provided free of charge. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in the fire service and live in the Moncure Fire District, please inquire about volunteer membership by calling 919-542-4191

We are Moncure Fire

Our Members


Currently, the department consists of the following:

7 Full-time staff members:Chief R. Shi

A-Shift: Capt. Chris Circle & FF Jamison Stafford

B Shift : Capt. David Cotten & FF Kyle Goodwin

C Shift: Capt. Todd Harrington & FF Larry Scott

18 Duty Crew Members: FF Ryan Arnett,  FF Chris Barrows, FF John Burnette, FF Chris Dawson, FF Tony Fuller, FF Adam Godfrey FF Charlie Grubbs, FF D Maddox, FF DJ Maloof, FF Chris Meeks, FF Howard Miles, FF Bobby Miller, FF Lucas Perry, FF Madison Perry, FF JT Sosdian, FF Scottie Swindell , FF Bret Pedigo, FF Dylan Lowe

18 Volunteers:

Asst. Chief: Brian Sykes

Safety Officer: Jere Julian

Crew Leaders: Boe Goodwin, David Oldham, Ken Harris, Kelly Jones

FF John Barbour, FF Roy Brooks,  FF Anthony Dunn, FF Gerry Fiks, , FF Anita Harrell-Fiks, FF Troy Jackson, FF Danny Oldham,  JR FF Gunnar Harris, JR FF Kyle Johnson, JR FF Nate Allen, JR FF Matthew Briggs, JR FF Garrett Knott

Update!!!!  Call your home owners insurance agent for possible substantial savings!

We have now completed our NC Office of State Fire Marshal re-rating inspection and our insurance rating has been lowered for the first time in our history.  Our new rating is a class 6 (if you live within 5 miles of Station 8 or 14).  Between 5 and 6 miles the rating is a 9e - that has always the case at that distance. The new rating went into effect on July 1st 2012 and will make a significant different in your homeowner's insurance premium (if you live within 5 miles of either Station 8 or 14).  If your agent needs any assistance verifying the new rate, have them call Station 8, 919-542-4191.

Call Your Insurance Agent!