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Moncure Fire needs YOU!

Please help your community by becoming a Friend of Moncure Fire.  Not everyone has the time or desire to become a firefighter, but there are other ways to help. 

Each and every one of you have something to offer that can help Moncure Fire succeed in delivering the best emergency response, providing public safety education and engaging with the community.  Your talent may be helping to organize events, building a website, HVAC repair, plumbing, printing t-shirts, graphic design, taking photographs, creating a slide show or video, helping us reach neighbors who need help with a child’s car seat or smoke detectors, helping with fire safety programs or other types of community outreach.

Anytime our friends in the community can help with a non-emergency issue, it allows us to remain focused on our number one priority – coming to the aid of our friends and family in their time of need.

Become a friend now.  Please send me an email with with the word ‘Friend’ in the subject line to and we will make this a better, closer and safer community…together!

Thank you,

Chief Robert Shi

(pronounced shy)